Resurfacer & Resurfacer Flex

Highly-flexible elastomeric base coat for superior crack resistance

100% Acrylic Base Coat For Smoothing

Resurfacer and  Resurfacer Flex are designed to smooth and level new and existing asphalt and concrete before color coating the sports surface.

Both are available in black and neutral, concentrate and textured.

Resurfacer Flex

Tested at over 350% elongation and 198 psi tensile strength.

Intended for use on new and existing surfaces where excess smoothing or repair work is required. Flex excels in holding heavy sand loads and maintaining flexibility while also reducing hairline surface cracks caused by substrate fluctuation.

Resurfacer & Resurfacer Flex Advantages

  • Excellent at covering imperfections
  • Heavy sand loading
  • Easy squeegee pull
  • Excels in fabric repair system smoothing (AR Flex)

Acrytech offers a range of cutting-edge solutions for resurfacing and repair. Our Resurfacer and Resurfacer Flex are innovative, self-crosslinking concentrated designs crafted from 100% acrylic latex. These remarkable products fill and repair layers for asphalt and concrete-based surfaces. With their exceptional performance, we highly recommend them for tennis courts, basketball courts, running tracks, volleyball courts, and other recreational surfaces.


Resurfacer and Resurfacer Flex boast a remarkable composition that provides outstanding resistance to wear and safeguards against ultra-violet degradation. They are formulated without asbestos, lead, mercury, heavy metals, PCB, or formaldehyde, ensuring the safety and well-being of both users and the environment.


This product comes in two convenient forms to suit your specific needs. The concentrate version allows for on-site sand addition, while the textured variant comes with factory-added sand for a hassle-free experience.

Product Information Sheet

Discover Why Installers Rave About Resurfacer and Resurfacer Flex

Our Resurfacer and Resurfacer Flex have garnered high praise from installers who have experienced their remarkable capabilities firsthand. Here’s why they can’t stop raving about our products:

  • Flawless Imperfection Coverage: Installers unanimously agree that Resurfacer and Resurfacer Flex excel at covering imperfections on sports surfaces. These products deliver a flawless finish, ensuring a visually appealing and professional outcome.
  • Heavily Sand Loaded: One of the standout features of our resurfacers is their high sand content. Installers appreciate this aspect, as it enhances the products’ performance and durability, providing an optimal playing surface that stands the test of time.
  • Effortless Application: Ease of use is another key advantage highlighted by installers. Resurfacer and Resurfacer Flex are designed for seamless application, making the process convenient and efficient. The products are easy to squeegee pull, simplifying the installation process for professionals.

While we are confident in the superiority of our Resurfacer line, we understand that every project has unique requirements. If this product doesn’t align with your specific needs, we offer a diverse range of alternative options for court repair. Choose from our top-quality selection, including Sport Patch, our proprietary AcryGlue, Color Crack Filler, RiteWay, and more. Rest assured, we have the perfect solution to address any court repair challenge you may encounter.


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