Meghan Dizon

Acrytech's PPA Tour sponsored athlete

Why She Chose Acrytech

“I partnered with Acrytech because of their quality–the quality of their reputation in the industry, their products, and their people,” said Sheehan-Dizon. “Being the official court sponsor of the PPA says a lot about them as a company. I’m excited to have Acrytech’s support in my first year as a full-time professional.”

A bit About Meghan

Meghan is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and has played racquet sports most of her life including her time in college.  Meghan attended Brigham Young University playing singles and doubles tennis.

Going Pro

Meghan started playing pickleball in 2021 after seeing a friend playing in a professional tournament.  Meghan quickly started taking pickleball clinics and within 6 months (June 2021) she was a pro with the PPA Tour.  Not long after Meghan went pro, she learned how much she loves Acrytech surfaces and is now the sponsored athlete for Acrytech, The Official Surface of the PPA.

Meghan Dizon in Her Element

Presenting Acrytech Well
Meghan Dizon PPA with Irina
Meghan Dizon Jamiee Fox
Meghan and Dawson
Meg Dizon
Meg sitting