4mm Premium Cushion Mat Surface
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CushionX – the ultimate choice for premium cushion court surfaces. Our specially designed 4mm cushioned mat provides unparalleled competition performance while ensuring optimal comfort for players. Unlike traditional squeegee-applied court systems, CushionX is a lightweight, pliable mat that is easy to roll out for installation.


Embrace the convenience and quality of a mat cushion system, and enjoy the exceptional performance and comfort that CushionX brings.

Falcons CushionX court

CushionX Advantages

  • Lightweight pliable mat
  • 3x faster installation than squeegee applied
  • Works on concrete, asphalt, or existing surfaces
  • Easy installation
Product Information Sheet

Designed For All Court Types

Discover why installers approve of CushionX, the ultimate choice for sports surfacing. With its remarkable ease of use and swift installation process, CushionX is the perfect solution for many surfaces. Whether you’re working with asphalt, concrete, or an existing surface, this mat delivers exceptional results.

CushionX is the ultimate lightweight and flexible mat that is designed with user convenience in mind. Our innovative construction makes it incredibly easy to use and install. With just a few essential layers – Resurfacer, adhesive, 4mm mat, sealant, and Colorflex – CushionX simplifies and expedites the sports surface process.

The seamless application saves valuable time, allowing you to complete projects up to three times faster. Experience the satisfaction of working with this 4mm premium mat and elevate your projects. Say hello to seamless installations and goodbye to unnecessary complexities with CushionX.

Acrytech|AT Sports is a leading provider of innovative sports surfacing solutions. With years of industry experience and a commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partner in creating top-quality sports surfaces.

Experience the difference and elevate your game with the trusted choice of athletes, facility owners, and installers worldwide.  We focus on what’s important – expertise, performance, durability, versatility, aesthetics, and excellent customer support.

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