Cushion System

100% Acrylic cushion sports surface system

We understand some players prefer cushion courts and we have a solution.  Our Cushion System includes a proprietary mixture of premium 100% acrylic latex, mineral fillers, and finely graded EPDM and SBR rubber granules.  When the mixture is applied in multiple layers, the Cushion System results are a resilient but firm championship surface for tennis, pickleball, and other sports.


Our Cushion System can be used over asphalt, concrete, or existing surfaces.

cushion system layers

Components of the Cushion System from the ground to the surface:

Asphalt or Concrete: New or existing court surface that serves as a base for the Cushion System.

Resurfacer: The “primer” of the system fills small voids and hides patchwork, old paint, and other imperfections in preparation for the Color coat.

Medium Cushion: The first and thickest cushion layers consisting of a mix of 0.5-1.0mm EPDM rubber granules for building cushion volume

Small Cushion: The final and thinnest cushion layers consist of a mix of 0-0.5mm SBR rubber granules for smoothing the large cushion.

Color: The top color coat of the system uses only the highest quality pigments, UV stabilizers, and resins to create a long-lasting and durable fade-resistant finish.

Line Paint: This 100% acrylic textured heavy-duty paint is the final part of the system and provides a slip and stain-resistant finish.  Line Primer is available for even sharper lines.

Designed for Competition & Comfort

When applied as recommended, our Cushion System provides a cushion surface depth of approximately 3.5mm.   This is a great surface option for those whose ankles, knees, and back become tired and sore after playing. Because our cushioned sport surface helps absorb extra impact, players often feel less fatigued after play and not as sore the following day.

Reduces Player Fatigue by Force Reduction

ITF3 rated our Cushion System is comprised of three layers of medium cushion and three layers of small cushion. The cushion sports surface effect may be increased or decreased by adjusting the quantity of medium cushion layers.

Product Information Sheet

Pace Test

Rated ITF court pace of Medium 3 when finished with our Color coatings
  • Medium-Slow Play Speed

    • 80 mesh Sand Grade
    • 225 lbs Sand Quantity
    • 15-18 gallons Water

  • ITF Medium Play Speed

    • 80 mesh Sand Grade
    • 200 lbs Sand Quantity
    • 15-18 gallons Water

  • Medium-Fast Play Speed

    • 80 mesh Sand Grade
    • 150 lbs Sand Quantity
    • 15-18 gallons Water

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