Color is what brings your courts to life

Our high-quality, 100% acrylic latex Color top coat formulation is available in Player’s Choice and Specialty Colors, as well as team and custom colors.  Our color options are available in concentrate (mix with water and silica sand), textured (mix in water), and ready-to-use.

Player’s Choice Colors

Add some color to your courts
Competition Green colors

Competition Green

Pro Green colors

Pro Green

Medium Green colors

Medium Green

Forest Green Color coating

Forest Green

Slate color options


Gray colors


Competition Blue color options

Competition Blue

Standard Blue color options

Standard Blue

Pro Blue colors

Pro Blue

Light Blue colors

Light Blue

Sandstone color options


Beige color options


Terra Cotta colors

Terra Cotta

Standard Orange color options

Standard Orange

Classic Red colors

Classic Red

Speciality Colors

For those who want a little extra
Sky Blue colors

Sky Blue

Caribbean Blue colors

Caribbean Blue

Sea Green colors

Sea Green

Nautical Navy colors

Nautical Navy

Pro Purple colors

Pro Purple

Ultra Violet colors

Ultra Violet

Viva Violet colors

Viva Violet

Crimson Color coating


Bright Red color options

Bright Red

Passion Pink colors

Passion Pink

Coral color options


Bright Orange color options

Bright Orange

Bright Yellow colors

Bright Yellow

Kiwi colors


Lime colors


A lot goes into creating the perfect court, but we want to make it a fun and easy process. You can start by viewing our gallery of courts completed with Acrytech|AT Sports colors and products. Browse, get ideas, and let your creativity flow.  Create the court of your dreams using our court designer.  Go bold or neutral or mix and match.  As long as you like it, that’s all that matters.

Installers prefer our coatings for their superior workability, consistency, and outstanding coverage. And players love our court colors because of their exceptional vibrant colors and durability.  Player’s Choice Colors has 15 different color options to choose from, and our Specialty Colors have 15 color additional choices. If you have a specific color request, we can help with that too.  Custom and team colors are available upon request.

Download Player’s Choice Colors
Player's Choice Colors
Download Specialty Colors
Specialty Colors