Color Flex

Self-linking technology that is fade resistant and durable

Color Flex is our original high-quality, user-friendly paint that looks great and lasts.  With self-linking technology, this proprietary 100% acrylic latex color coat formulation uses only the highest quality pigments and compounds, allowing for a long-lasting, durable, and fade-resistant finish.  Color Flex is designed for use on cushioned systems and flexible overlays 1/4″ thick or greater. Ideal for courts with substantial substrate movement and fabric crack repair systems.

Flexible & crack resistant

Tested at over 120% elongation and 270 psi tensile strength, Color Flex is a highly flexible and crack-resistant option for your sports court.

Colors Available

Color Flex Advantages

  • Reduces surface cracking
  • Strong and flexible
  • Easy application & squeegee pull
  • Spider crack prevention with crack repair systems

Love For Color Flex

Installers prefer Color Flex for its superior workability, consistency, and outstanding coverage. Players love it for its ideal ball speed, spin rate, and exceptional color.  With its ease of application, consistency, and amazing coverage, we know you and the athletes will be happy with your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

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