Wrestling Wardrobe Malfunctions That Lay The Smackdown


Professional Wrestling’s… complicated.

On the one hand, you have some of the most physically impressive athletes throwing each other around a ring while scantily clothed women put on the most realistic catfight TV can buy.

On the other hand, it’s fake, and everyone knows it.

But it’s still a huge draw! While we might get caught up in the storylines, we’re really there to see if someone’s outfit doesn’t hold up… right?

Stephanie McMahon

Twitter / @Smirfitt67

The Billion Dollar Princess herself has been front and center for a number of WWE programs, but this one definitely turned heads. She’s gone a long way in the industry, and helped encourage a new generation of female athletes to grab the brass ring and up their game.

AJ Lee

Twitter / @UkWweFans

Dudes will never know the struggle of performing in front of thousands of people and having to worry about if your boobs are showing. AJ Lee didn’t let a little t-shirt ride up affect her performance, and to her credit won the Divas Championship three separate occasions.


Triple H

Twitter / @kanbarano

If you haven’t been slammed to the ground so hard you wet yourself, then boy, you haven’t rassled! It’s a tough job falling over and over like that, and if the match goes a bit long, you might have to go. Just make sure you’re not wearing jeans. That’s the real lesson here.

The Bellas

Twitter / @hunter_ishaan

I won’t lie. The Bellas are all over this list. Obviously, they have some of the more risky costumes in the ring, so they’re the most prone to a malfunction. So we’ll start off with one of the tamer shots on the list.