Why It’s Time For You To Give Up On The NFL And Start Watching The LFL


Formerly known as the Legends Football League, now the more appropriately named Lingerie Football League is taking America by storm, and rightly so. With attractive girls playing America’s sport, it’s basic science that this was going to be a hit.

The LFL reminds us of a time when football was just some rough and tumble body bashing in thongs, I mean, padding? These girls could be on the cover of Sports Illustrated one day, and the next day be suplexing you through a table with no remorse. That’s marriage material right there. Here are the reasons the LFL is going to only grow in popularity as time goes on.

They can hit it…

There is no shortage of bodies getting tossed around in the LFL. If you think this league is all about looks, you, my friend, are thoroughly mistaken.

Monsterous hits like this don’t get easier to watch just because these women are in lingerie with little to no padding. The ricochet of the hit actually gave me whiplash just sitting here.

How About Another One?

If I ever get hit like this player just did, you can consider me done for the season because I would refuse to stand up. This girl now knows what it feels like to be struck by a transport truck. That was actually devastating to watch.


Fun Is Still Being Had

Twitter / @party_on_cheers

In the LFL they’re still allowed to have fun without getting penalized. Touchdown celebrations are encouraged, and in fact, they get pretty wild. This player is celebrating her TD by motorboating a fan. This is real. This is the LFL.


Twitter / @unsudaca

Fun Fact: Well, maybe not that fun but LFL players don’t get paid, or get medical coverage for any injuries they get on the field. In fact, they actually have to pay a $45 registration fee. Now, if you become a stand out then there are endorsement deals to be had and certainly money to be made.

You’ve seen some of the amazing hits, but you’ve gotta check out what they can do on the offensive side of the ball! Click on to see that, and a little bit more!