Way Back Play Back: NFL Players High School Photos


High school is nothing but a faded memory. It’s an awkward time but hey, we made it out alive. Some people go on to have great careers, while others get to play in a Super Bowl. Many NFL players did not look like the strong, physical stars they are today. They weren’t that well known until their names started to pop up in the college football scene.

Here’s a look through the years of high school photos of today’s NFL stars. Each player mentioned also has a “most likely to” for each photo.

Most Likely To Be On The Losing End Of An Epic Comeback

Twitter /@theMMQB

It’s sad to say, but no one saw that comeback happening in Super Bowl LI. Even so, Matt Ryan has been a spectacular quarterback for the Falcons. He’s been the charging force of the offense since 2008, with a Rookie of the Year and a League MVP already under his belt. Hopefully, Ryan will get a shot at redemption in another Super Bowl run.

Most Likely To Have An Enormous Shoe Collection

Instagram / @teamvic

Victor Cruz is all about his shoe game. He has one of the finest collections in football, and he’s not afraid to post photos of his beloved shoes all over social media. In fact, he even challenges his opponents to show off their shoe collections. Oh Victor, if only we knew about your shoe game in high school.


Most Likely To Look The Same After High School

Twitter / @UGAfootballLive

There’s that one person you go to high school with who ends up looking the same after years of not seeing each other. Mattew Stafford has been a blonde, big hearted guy, who usually sports a beard when playing football. Most people don’t even realize that he went to high school with his good pal, Clayton Kershaw.


Most Likely To Be The Party Boy

Twitter / @BrianBatko

Gronk is known for his fun-loving personality. He even admitted that partying improves his game… without the hangover that is. Gronk looks like someone who belongs in a frat, but really, he’s just one down-to-earth guy who just wants to have fun with everyone around him.