Unforgivable Moments That Time Helped Heal In Sports


It’s good to remind ourselves that athletes make mistakes. But the old saying “time heals all wounds” is common relevance to sports. Fanbases tend not to forget, gaining a grudge against a player or person, creating a supervillain in the process. Steve Bartman is a perfect example of this since he did cost the Cubs a shot at the World Series in 2003. Now that the Cubs broke their curse, the team will be giving Bartman a World Series ring of his own.

With Bartman’s gift coming to mind, let’s dive in and look at other figures in sports that got over some heartbreaking moments.

Another Name In The Wall

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Ben Sheets became a glimpse of hope for a struggling Brewers franchise. He battled many injuries, which resulted in the end of his tenure with the Brewers in 2008 — missing out on his first career postseason start. He gave it his all and because of that, the Brewers created the Wall Of Honor in recognition for all he did for the team.

Hotline Bling

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David Ortiz once asked for a timeout, which was rejected by the umpire, then he struck out. Ortiz took his anger out on the Orioles visiting clubhouse’s dugout phone. As Ortiz was set to appear in his final game at Camden Yards in September 2016, the Orioles presented him with the phone he destroyed three years prior.



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Another victim of using PED’s, Andy Pettitte admitted to using human growth hormones for a two-day period. His name got called in the Mitchell Report, and Pettitte opened up about everything. After asking for forgiveness, the Yankees decided to retire his number in 2015.

Abandonment Of The Game

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Throughout his career, Paul Kariya struggled with concussions. It forced him to retire in 2011, then he reluctantly stayed away from the game for a few years, citing the NHL for not doing a good job on concussion protocols. In 2017, Kariya was selected as an inductee to the Hockey Hall of Fame. He has since come out in the open about concussions, acknowledging that the NHL is going in the right direction in handling the devastating head injury.