This Guy Did The Impossible When He Left The Audience For His First Career Fight


This story sounds like something you’d find in professional wrestling, but in the very real world of MMA, sometimes the stars align and a storybook ending unfolds.

The main event of Juiz de Fora Fight 18 was supposed to featured Carlos Eduardo Rufino fighting Claudinei Kall for the 170-pound title, but Rufino missed weight by almost a pound. With the fight in peril, our hero Luis Felipe Alvim made the save and shocked everyone in attendance. MMA Fighting made sure to track his story.

Before The Fight


So, to catch up, Rufino missed weight, but Kall agreed to fight his overweight opponent. However, a day later he backtracked on that idea, and pulled out of the bout.

Enter Character Two

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That’s where Luis Felipe Alvim made the save. The 22-year-old is just an ordinary MMA fan who just happens to hold a black belt in muay thai and a blue belt in jiu-jitsu. So ya — ordinary fan.


Couldn’t Get In The Venue

Eu e ela ??

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Despite his fandom, Alvim couldn’t actually get into the building. He and his girlfriend didn’t have tickets, so they cooked some brownies to sell outside of the hotel. Unfortunately, that didn’t really work out.

Going For It

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Instead of just cutting their losses, the pair instead took the money they did have that they were actually saving for real life things, and splurged on tickets. Now in the venue, Alvim’s story takes a pretty drastic turn.