These Playboy Covers Of Athletes Are Super, Super Hot And Hugh Hefner Should Be Proud


Photography as an occupation could lead you to working at Walmart, but then again, you never know what could happen with a camera in your hand. Honestly, whose dream job wasn’t to become a photographer for Playboy Magazine? Any guy would be jealous of the lifestyle Hefner got to enjoy, and just getting a piece of that lifestyle is all anyone could ask.

In honor of Hugh, we came across some Playboy Magazine covers with athletes you likely forgot went full-frontal on the cover.

Brock Lesnar Is One Lucky Dude

Twitter / @DivasChamp1

One of the most “entertaining” wrestlers to watch, Sable is the perfect example of a blonde bombshell. Sable was the first WWE Diva to pose nude for the magazine, a tradition that would be carried on by a few notable Divas. Brock Lesnar’s wife even returned to the magazine cover on two more occasions. Hell, it’d be cool if she returned for a fourth appearance too.

The Knockout Cover

Twitter / @MiaStJohnBoxer

She is known as “The Knockout”, all for good reasons. Mia St. John earned a reputation as one of the most formidable fighters in women’s boxing. Needless to say, St. John wanted to show people that she was a feminine woman as well as a professional athlete., sporting a record of 47-12-2.


Legend In The Pool

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Amanda Beard earned herself two gold medals, four silver medals, and one bronze. The coveted Olympian set the world record for the 200-meter breaststroke… twice! She was only fourteen when she made her first Olympic appearance at the 1996 Summer Games, but Beard was a legend in the pool — after all, legends do deserve to be on the Playboy cover, right?

Diva Maria

Twitter / @AllRookie1

The cover girl of Hef’s April 2008 cover sure had the power to sell a butt load of copies. Maria is a former TNA Knockouts Champion and was one of the top 50 female wrestlers by Pro Wrestling Illustrated the same year she posed for Playboy. She also has a long resume of film television appearances, including The Opposite Sex, Project Runaway, and The Celebrity Apprentice.