These People Got Unexpected Balls To The Face While At The Stadium - 2/2



I don’t know what it would possibly feel like to get hit in the noggin by a golf ball that was driven off a tee at a max velocity of like a bazillion miles per hr. This spectator, unfortunately, felt that pain and it doesn’t look pleasant.


Twitter / @karissabrooke

This is the definition of taking one for the team. This is the result of completely missing a fly ball and allowing it to embed its seams into your forehead. This is an absolute mountain, so kudos to her for the smile.


Lebrizzle Down

Lebron haters rejoice. There’s something really special about watching arguably the most dominant player in the world get smoked in the face by a ball.

Help It?

This is why I never played volleyball. It gets overlooked as one of the most fast-paced sports around and can deliver some devastating blows to the face.