These People Got Unexpected Balls To The Face While At The Stadium


Just because you’re a spectator at an event doesn’t mean that you’re automatically safe from flying objects. Sometimes the ball that’s supposed to remain on the playing surface wanders its way out to meet some of the fans. Ball meet face. Face meet ball. Internet rejoices. It’s the circle of life.

Tennis Ball To The Face

Tennis ball boys and girls are severely underrated. They have to basically go 0-100 between serves to ensure the court is secure of any loose balls. So when one who’s minding his own business gets struck by one in the face it almost seems painful.


Look, it’s okay to be overly excited in thinking that you’re about to get a game ball thrown to you. That’s natural. But open your damn eyes when the ball is coming because, my god, that’s embarrassing to miss it and have it hit you square in the face.


Sideline Reporting Is Dangerous

Tight spiral right to the temple. Who knew that being a sideline reporter in the NFL was such a dangerous job. Forget the potential concussions happening on the field — it also follows the innocent bystanders off of it.


This poor woman was showing her neighbor the latest “in-game selfie” she just uploaded to Snapchat. She was met with a rude awakening when a ball got tipped into the crowd and smashed her right in the face. The most disturbing part of this (as a glasses wearer myself) was seeing the glasses fly off and knowing they only made the pain worse.