These NFL Athletes Started With Nothing, Now They’ve Reached Legend Status


Who doesn’t love a good success story? Trick question! Everyone loves one and you’re about to read a bunch, so get ready. It’s crazy to think our favorite NFL athletes weren’t always rich, successful and famous. Many of them came from humble beginnings, which makes their stories even that much more inspiring. So if you’re in the mood for a good old-fashioned “rags to riches” tale, then you came to the right place.

Ray Lewis Grew Up Real Fast

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Without a father around, Ray Lewis learned how to lead a team at a very early age. Lewis had four younger siblings that he needed to take care of while he was just a child himself. In the meantime, Lewis transformed into a high school football star and got into the University of Miami on a full scholarship.

From Homeless To Super Bowl Winner

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Knowshon Moreno had anything but a normal childhood. Early on, Moreno bounced around homeless shelters in New York City since his parents were just 16 and 17 years old. Eventually, his grandmother took the young Moreno in and raised him to be an NFL star and Super Bowl winner with the Denver Broncos.


T.O.’s Personality Now Makes Sense

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Having a 17-year-old mom, Terrell Owens was raised by his extremely overprotective grandmother. She never let the young Owens play outside with the other kids. Instead, he had to watch from the window. It also turned out his father and sister lived across the street from him the whole time without him knowing.

Owens used this situation to focus on becoming one of the best wide receivers to ever play the game. Take a deep breath though, because there are plenty more inspiring stories to come.

Breaking Bad

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Dez Bryant’s family was dysfunctional, to say the least. When he was just eight, Bryant’s mom was arrested for selling drugs. Even though his mom went full “Breaking Bad” on him, Bryant turned his situation around and focused on sports. Now that he’s an NFL star, Bryant is an inspiration to people everywhere.