These Legendary Fans Scored More Off The Field Than The Athletes On It


Fans are really passionate when they head to a game to see their favorite team play. Sometimes things get carried away, like when they decide to fight in the stands, or run on the field naked, or even boo their own team if they didn’t meet the criteria for every fan in attendance to get a free pizza with their ticket.

Fans love when their team scores — like legit, it actually turns some of them on. Scoring to some diehards is like pouring 2 liters of whatever chemical is in oysters that makes you horny directly into their mouth. So much so, that their natural urges get the better of them and they end up turning to their partner and just Marvin Gaye “Get It On” right there in the stadium. These fans are legends, and legends should never die, so here’s the list.

A Few Yanks Here, A Few Yanks There

Instagram / @subwaycreatures

This lady Yank is having the ride of her life. On the subway, pervert. After a disastrous Yankees loss to the Red Sox, this couple decided it was time to start conceiving some recruits.

If you want to see the fella who hit more home runs that night then Aaron Judge, here you go.


Ladies, listen up. When the game is close, the best way to calm your boyfriend down is to, um, play Whack-a-Mole with his butt hole.

This Bills fan is merely longing for an “arcade day” that her boyfriend promised her long ago that hasn’t come to fruition, so she brought the arcade to him.


 Bravery At Work

It’s basic science that if you get seats in the top row of your section that it’s also a direct invitation to dry hump with no judgment.

The two older gents a few rows in front of the couple know the rules and are respecting it admirably. Well done fellas.

Mile High Club

Let me reiterate again, the top row of a section blatantly allows public sex with NO judgment. So who am I to judge? Who are YOU to judge? WHO IS ARRON JUDGE TO JUDGE?!

Also, it’s called Progressive Field for a reason — it’s PROGRESSIVE. It’s none of your business what people do while they’re in the top row. Back off.