These Girls Are Projected To Be Picked In First Round For The Upcoming Beer Olympics Draft


The Beer Olympics is a serious event. Like, really serious. Picking a winning team consists of a lot of moving parts that takes time to figure out. You need a lot of different types of drinkers, but one commonality throughout the team has to be that you can crush a can of beer in your sleep.

The BO is exhausting, every event is drastically different and they expect unique skills from each team member. For example, in beer pong, you must possess depth perception and shooting skills, while in slip-n-flip you need to have endurance and concentration.

My team is half picked, and I’m looking to fill the rest of my team with girls — here are my candidates.



What? How? That’s the definition of opening your throat and skulling a pint. If you blinked you probably thought she did a magic trick, but in fact, she’s just crushing beer like it’s water.

Crushed It

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What’s really impressive about this is that the guy she eviscerates in a chugging contest finishes off his beer in a very respectable time… yet still lost handily.



Marry me.

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Get you a Beer Olympics teammate who isn’t afraid to be concussed while killing the rest of her beer. She also shows responsibility by taking off her sunglasses before railing the beer can onto her forehead, which may have affected the condition of the glasses.

The Multitasker

Okay, this takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. Not only being able to stay on the board (which I wouldn’t be able to do), she also caught a beer, opened it, poured it into a funnel and then promptly downed the entire thing. Insane.