These Fans Prove That NASCAR Draws Some Of The Most, Uh, Dynamic Crowds


Diehard sports fans are crazy. I don’t care what sport you’re talking about because it doesn’t matter — they’re literally nuts. They have no problem stripping down to nothing whilst running on the field, or dressing up in ridiculous outfits just to show support to a team that most likely won’t appreciate it because they won’t see it, or throwing haymakers in the bleachers at someone who doesn’t like your team.

NASCAR fans are no different. In fact, the racetrack might be the mecca of hidden gems that you wouldn’t see at any other sporting event. This makes NASCAR fans dynamic and original. Enjoy.

Three’s Company

Twitter / @dawnwsays

If you ever see a girl who wears a NASCAR visor, you know she’s into some freaky things. No one is willing to demean their own appearance in such a drastic way, and then not be into threesomes. It’s basic science.

We See You, Guy

Twitter / @scottaltimaman

Guy Fieri is everywhere and with many different outfit styles. This day he chose to go with the pink hair, pink tie-dye shirt and camo visor (just in case anyone forgot that he also swings a potent right hand). You’re not fooling anyone, Guy, you’re just not.


Lifelong Dedication To The Number 24

Twitter / @gihuff11

This is vibrant yet subtle. Fans often show their lifelong support for their team or athlete by getting tattoos, and NASCAR fans are no different — they just do it more aggressively. This girl doesn’t just want you to know, she NEEDS you to know that she’s a Jeff Gordon fan and that she’s changed a tire once or twice.

Welp, That Didn’t Go The Way I Wanted

There’s so much happening here. A sidearm toss that looked like it maybe wouldn’t even make it over the fence but ends up in the middle of the track, an impactful slap with direct precision, and a red-shirted dude who won’t stop giving the middle finger in all directions.