These Bizarre Phobias And Fears Of Professional Athletes Will Have You Feeling Really Normal


It’s easy to picture world-class athletes as strong, fearless warriors who face every obstacle with ease and grace. Well, it appears they’re actually human beings and have insecurities and fears just like the rest of us. Weird.

When it looks like these athletes are ready and able to rip apart their opponents without a hint of anxiety, it may be true. But once they get out of the sports arena, all bets are off and their fears and phobias consume portions of their lives.

Here’s a list of athletes that have crippling weird fears and phobias.

Eric Berry — Horses

Twitter / @FanSidedU

The Kansas City Chiefs safety has equinophobia which is a fear of horses and other equine mammals.

The Chiefs have a horse as a mascot so that poses some problems for sure. Although, a couple years ago he did muster up the courage to pet Warpaint, the Chiefs’ horse mascot.

Damian Lillard — Statues

Instagram / damianlillard

Lillard had a traumatic experience at a wax museum when he was younger that has engraved an irrational fear of human-like statues.

It’s an actual condition called automatonophobia which is quite bizarre, but you have to feel for the guy. What wax figure hurt you, Damian?


Michael Cuddyer — Wasps / Bees

Twitter / @MrSchwenn

When Cuddyer was 16, he opened up his mailbox while in his car, only to get attacked by a swarm of wasps that had created a nest under the box.

He was stung upwards of 10 times and has since been incredibly afraid of the insects, and its hard to blame him.

Cam Newton — Baseballs

Instagram / @cameron1newton

Cam Newton was an up and coming baseball star, but his innate fear of baseballs getting thrown at him while in the batter’s box ultimately ended that dream.

He said that by the time he was 14 the pitches were getting too hard and he was too scared to go up to bat, so he quit and focused on football.