These Athletes Take Their Bizarre Obsessions Way Too Far


If you think that all athletes just obsess over their sport and that’s it, well you’re thoroughly mistaken. When you mix loads of money, plenty of free time and everyone around them saying “yes” to everything they do, you’re bound to have some strange behavior.

Some athletes like video games, while others are self-proclaimed fitness buffs — but those aren’t outrageous enough to make this list. Here’s some that do.

Lamar Odom — Candy

Lamar Odom has an obsession with candy that is borderline harmful. I say that knowing that all of us have an obsession with candy that is borderline harmful as well.

He’s a morning, afternoon, evening candy man and was considered the “supplier” for candy when he was playing for the Lakers.

Caron Butler — Mountain Dew

Twitter / @Ken_J0se

This was an old obsession that Butler has since given up, and his body is thanking him for it. Basically, he used to drink upwards of six cans of Moutain Dew (aka alien urine) a day.

Butler said that the first two weeks after giving up MD was the worst time of his life. He would have constant headaches and night sweats, but he was able to lose 11 pounds because of it.


Caron Butler — Straws

If you didn’t think Caron Butler was a strange dude before, you certainly should now. He can’t stop chewing straws.

At one point he was chewing 12 straws a game, which he said would help to calm him down. The NBA has since implemented a rule that doesn’t allow for chewing of straws anymore due to it being a “safety concern”.

Sean Avery — Women’s Clothing


This isn’t THAT surprising of an obsession if it wasn’t Sean Avery — one of the biggest goons in NHL history. When he was living in New York playing for the Rangers he interned at Vogue.

His obsession stems from the creative possibilities that come with women’s clothing and the many stories each outfit can tell.