These Athletes Prove That Blacking Out Isn’t Just A ‘Normal Person’ Problem


Professional athletes get drunk just like normal people. Just because they’re often in peak athletic shape with muscles coming out of their eyes doesn’t mean that a few extra shots of tequila won’t do its damage.

In theory, professional athletes shouldn’t be able to drink that often which lends itself to some wild nights when they allow themselves to let loose. Here are some of those stories.

US women’s soccer team

Morgan isn’t the only one from the US Women’s Soccer team that has had a public drunk moment. After winning gold at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the US WNT went out on a bender with Vince Vaughn, but had to go on TV the next morning and were still drunk. Kind of respectable to be honest.

Brett Farve

Nothing like some good old fashion running on the field whilst being severely intoxicated. Unlike many of the other runners who just get tackled immediately, this guy actually steals the ball from Brett Farve.

Perhaps the funniest part of the entire video though is when the security guards have a heavy collision that looked devastating.


Chuck Liddell

Either Chuck’s brain is fried from all the punches to the head, or he’s just tanked on air — and I think it’s the latter. This isn’t a good look for Chuck. He’s slurring his words and in a complete blackout whilst trying to maintain a level of normalcy. Everyone has a friend like that, mine’s named Mark.

Joe Namath

Someone tell Broadway Joe he can’t ask a reporter if you can kiss her on live TV. I love how this interview goes from 0-100 really, really, really quickly. This is a microcosm of what alcohol does to you. It makes you feel invincible and, uh, un-rejectable?