These Athletes And Sports Figures Apologies Deserve An Oscar - 2/2


Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

Twitter / @MSN

Professional golf isn’t known for having heated moments like in other sports, but Sergio Garcia’s answer to a question about Tiger Woods was pretty controversial. In a reference to the words he exchanged with Woods at the 2012 European’s Tour, he was asked jokingly if he would invite the former No.1 golfer to dinner at the U.S. Open. Garcia responded that he will have him over for rounds and would be serving fried chicken. Garcia did apologize, but he did not mean to make the joke controversial at all.

Savage Tweet From Gatorade

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Game One of the 2014 NBA Finals had a moment when LeBron had cramps and had to be carried off the court, thanks to the air conditioning not working at AT&T Center. One employee from Gatorade pushed boundaries when they Tweeted “We were waiting on the sidelines, but he prefers to drink something else.” It’s in poor taste to see Gatorade single out LeBron because his endorsement with Powerade was clearly their loss.


Didn’t Mean To Hurt You, Man

Instagram / @thehumble_21

After the Giants earned their first victory of the 2017 season, Landon Collins expressed sorrow for injuring Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. Collins’ play wasn’t dirty, but just the result of it was unfortunate. He was running full speed trying to make a play on the ball and forward momentum carried into Sanders’ leg. Let’s hope there is no bad blood between Collins and Sanders.

Nobody Is Perfect

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This apology is a little different than the others on this list. Tim Tebow didn’t really have to issue an apology after the Gators perfect season came to an end after a loss to Ole Miss in 2008. Even with high expectations, it goes to show that nobody is perfect, but after Tebow’s heartfelt apology, the Gators won the remainder of their games, including the 2009 SEC National Championship.