These Athletes And Sports Figures Apologies Deserve An Oscar


From a very young age, we learn to apologize for our mistakes. But when you’re an athlete and you do something completely wrong or disrespectful, it’s not easy to step in front the cameras and say “I’m sorry”. We’ve seen a lot of athletes and sports figures send out apologizes over the years. From Tim Tebow to Mike Tyson, there have been memorable moments. Here are some athletes and sports figures who apologizes could get them the Best Actor Award at the Oscars.

Towels Carry Ebola

Twitter / @TheRoot

It’s not often to see a team mascot make headlines. But in this case, Jaxson DeVille’s badly timed joke against the Steelers was entirely negative. The mascot decided to make a sign that alluded to the deadly virus using the Terrible Towel, which at the time had an outburst in Africa in 2014. Once social media laid their eyes on the moment, the Jaguars were quick to issue an apology.

Russian Doping Scandal

Twitter / @ggrushko

For all the things going on in Russia, this was truly an embarrassment. As it turns out, Russia’s Ministry of Sport had operated an extensive doping program which resulted in over 100 athletes being removed from the 2016 Rio Olympics due to the scandal. Russia would apologize for making such a “serious mistake” but really, it’s not the only time we’ve seen a doping scandal like this.


Sorry For Biting A Part Of Your Ear Off

Mike Tyson stunned the boxing world the moment he bit off a part of Evander Holyfield’s ear… twice. Tyson would eventually issue an apology right to Holyfield when the two appeared on Oprah. Since it was one of the most bizarre moments in sports, the two of them got together to film a commercial of a parody in which Tyson apologizes to Holyfield again.

General Manager Or Gynecologist?

Rockets general manager Daryl Morey fell into an unforced error by taking questions from fans on Twitter. Morey provided an ill-advised answer to an innocuous question. He was trying to be “clever”, but the public wasn’t feeling it. Surely, being a general manager is a better career choice than being a professional comedian for Morey.