These Are Some Of The Goodest Boys In Sports


Dogs make the world go ’round, there’s no question about it. Dogs are always happy to see you, always in a good mood no matter what the circumstances and are just all around good boys. A good boy can wear many hats in the world of sports — sometimes they’re your number one fan while other times they’re the star player.

At the end of the day, a good boy just wants to make their owner happy, which is what makes a good boy a good boy. They will go to drastic lengths to make that happen, even if it means cheering on like the, uh, New York Jets or something that no human would have the guts to do. Good boys are rare, so when they’re caught being their goodest self, it needs to be documented and shared. Here’s a rare list of good boys in sports doing their thing.

Really Good Boy

Cheering on their favorite human #HockeyDog @spittinchiclets

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This good boy is just trying to cheer on his favorite person and he’s doing a great job. He’s like the happy-go-lucky sibling that is proud of you no matter how you do out on the ice. You could score on your own net and expect a lick to the face from this good boy.

Goalkeeping Good Boy

This good boy is willing to put its life on the line to stop the ball. It’s aware that not every save needs to be caught, but sometimes being a goalie involves just getting your body in front of the ball, which is exactly what you see happening here.


Just a Good Boy Being A Good Boy

Doggo is helping from MadeMeSmile

This good boy is putting in work on this ski hill. Everyone underestimates how terrifying and unpredictable ski lifts are, but when it’s slowed down by a pup the enjoyment level soars.


Minor league baseball is made 100 times cuter and more enjoyable because of this good boy. “Jake the Diamond Dog” bring full water bottles to each of the umpires between innings and it’s the best thing about minor league baseball to date.