The Ultimate Premature Celebrations In Sports You Shouldn’t Do


If you’re looking for a teachable moment, you’ve come to the right place. Egotism is a horrible thing when it comes to sports, so hold off on the celebration until it’s actually official. But for now, let’s laugh at some hilarious misadventures when athletes kicked off the celebration a little too soon.

From Leon Lett’s Super Bowl blunder to DeSean Jackson’s touchdown fail, here are other notable moments when athletes celebrated a bit too early.

Forrest Gump Would Be Disappointed

After the Bears blocked a 35-yard field goal, cornerback Marcus Cooper picked up the loose football and dashed down the field like a madman. With no Steelers in sight, Cooper was touchdown bound, until he slowed down near the goal line, and Vance McDonald caught up to him and forced a fumble. Next time, don’t look back and keep running to that end zone.

Don’t Stop Peddling

Twitter / @ETVSPORT

It looked as though Anthony Turgis was about to win the Tour de l’Eurometrople until he threw his hands up in triumph before he crossed the finish line. Unfortunately for Turgis, he was passed by Dan McLay right at the line. Turgis fell to third place after the premature celebration. See folks, this is why you can’t just stop peddling nearing the finish line.


European Basketball Team

This was one of the most bizarre endings to a basketball game. After a Cibona player drained a three-pointer to give his team the win, his teammates gathered around him as if they pulled off an upset in March Madness. Unfortunately, there was still 0.6 seconds left on the clock. Partizan inbounded the ball to Duscan Kecman, who heaved a 70-foot long shot with the ball dropping through the rim for the victory.

Korean Bat Flip

Sure, there’s the infamous Jose Bautista bat flip, but this one is pretty damn hilarious. Jeon Jun-woo’s Willie Mays Hayes impersonation is a priceless one. Just look at his reaction after he hits the ball, only to find out it was a routine fly ball to the outfield. Next time, make sure the ball is out of the park.