The Most Outrageously Violent Spectator Suspensions In Sports


Throughout sports history, passion, intensity, and enthusiasm are the rules of every game. But, then there are the fans, who come in all different shapes and sizes, and all they can do is watch the game, drink, chirp, and chirp some more. It’s obvious that pretty much spells disaster.

Whether it’s a big outcome, a frustrating moment or horrendous officiating, you can bet some crazy fan is going to lose their cool. Sometimes, it just can’t be controlled. With that in mind, here are the most outrageously violent spectator suspensions in sports.

Disco Sucks

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In a promotional night for disco, fans got admission to Comiskey Park for a doubleheader for just under a dollar to see the White Sox play against the Tigers. Here’s the thing, —for the tickets, fans had to exchange a disco record what would be blown up in between games. A near-riot ensued when fans threw the records, beer, and fireworks onto the field. In the end, 37 fans were arrested.

Unusual Review In Cleveland

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The referees took the unusual step of reviewing a play that occurred three plays earlier during a game between the Browns and the Jaguars. Browns fans grew aggravated with the overturning of the call with 48 seconds left in the game. So obviously, the frustrated fan base threw bottles, cups, and garbage on the field, resulting in both teams and refs being hit, effectively ending the game.


Beanball War

A beanball war erupted between the Braves and the Padres in Atlanta. It didn’t take long before a drunken Padres fan ran onto the field and attempted to grab a loose helmet near third base before he was tackled by Chris Chambliss and Jerry Royster. Eventually, a bench-clearing brawl ensued when another fan slammed a beer mug on Kurt Bevacqua’s head — the fan was charged with assault and battery for his act.

Bounty Bowl

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In typical Philadelphia Eagles fashion, fans threw snowballs and various objects at Cowboys players and officials. This was an act of revenge since Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson accused Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan of placing a bounty on the head of Cowboys linebacker Luis Zendejas. It was just one chaotic mess that resulted in the Eagles upgrading security at Veterans Stadium, and banning beer sales for the remainder of the season.