The Most Amusing Photobombs In Sports That Deserve To Be Framed


Photobombing is the easiest way to ruin someone’s day. Basically, you’re disrupting someone’s photograph by being creepy and placing yourself in the middle of the photo. It’s one way for you to draw attention towards yourself when you aren’t the star of the photo. It’s a prank that’s as old as taking pictures… I mean, your mom and dad are probably guilty of doing this too.

People back in the day got away with photobombs since they were kept private, but thanks to social media and the Internet, they’re plastered everywhere! Hilarious photobombs, including ones in sports, deserve to be recognized, so here are the most amusing photobombs in the sports world.

And Do The Creep

Twitter / @GoToTheLoop

It’s no surprise to see Chris Bosh creep the hell out of his former teammate, Dwyane Wade. Bosh has had a history of photobombing his teammates, but this is certainly one of the best, yet disturbing photobombs we’ve witnessed in the NBA.

Awkward Photobomb

Twitter / @ScotLondColin

This is awkward as hell. If this wasn’t on the TV screen and it happened in real life, Usain Bolt’s balls would be hanging all over this poor reporters head. There is nothing really more I can about this because every picture tells a story.


Jagr Bomb

Twitter / @GregoryJonesHap

The man, the legend, the photobomber. Let’s face it, Jaromir Jagr might be old, but he definitely stays in the loop with what’s happening in our world, along with social media. Jagr is just having a dandy old time photobombing this fan from the bench. If only there wasn’t glass separating the two so the guy could share a beer with him. Bonus points if you can find the other photobomb in this picture.

Kid Dab Bomb

Twitter / @TweeterMillsCBC

Okay, where are this kid’s parents? How exactly did he manage to dab in this hilarious photobomb? I don’t feel sorry for Jerrell Freeman because he has no idea that this kid performed a hilarious photobomb in the form of a dab. We haven’t seen it in the NFL as much as we did before, but that didn’t stop one teammate from the Carolina Panthers to ruin it for his teammates.