The Hilarious Reasons Why Sports Fans Just Don’t Make Great Spouses


How many times have you seen a sports fan do something facepalm-worthy, yet at the same time, it seemed respectable and almost admirable? My guess is probably a lot. Sports fans stick together for the most part and dismiss any poor decisions as “enjoying the game”.

Now, there’s a severe negative to being a diehard sports fan and that comes in the form of a girlfriend/spouse/partner. It’s almost impossible to be a sports fan and also be a dedicated lover. It’s science.

No Juan Needs To Knows…

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Yeah for sure. “Pilates”, where the position downward dog quickly turns into doggy style. Even though Leo sees this as his girlfriend being a gem, in fact, she’s manipulating him.

She knows that his love for sports video games trumps his love for her, so she’s distracting him with this video game while she elopes with “Juan”.

Weekend Millionaires

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Have you ever walked into a jewelry store and seen how expensive a necklace is? $1,000? Yeah, I’m going to have to pass. Here sweetie, have a strawberry flavored ring pop.

Yet, sports fans are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a seat where you can basically lick the sun you’re so high and not think twice.


Ding Ding Ding!

There’s nothing quite like a little fan-to-fan fisticuffs that’s probably over an accidental knock over of an X-Large Mountain Dew. Nothing starts more fights in stadiums then spilled Mountain Dew. That’s a fact.

Also, nothing makes a lady more impressed than seeing a few grown men throw some right hands while their children watch.

And Another One….

Sports fans will even fight fans who are cheering for the same team as them. This ninja does some weird eye poke which turns into him being promptly knocked out. YOU’RE CHEERING FOR THE SAME DAMN TEAM.