The Hall of “Game” – You Should Keep Your Girl Away From These Athletes


When you are a professional athlete, the temptations of women constantly throwing themselves at you would be a hard one to resist. Whether they’re fans, strangers, Twitter followers, or just your average “wannabe side piece” — athletes often have lucrative sex lives.

Some dip into the lady pool and use their celebrity a little bit more than most. These athletes play on the field and off the field with great consistency and success. In other words, you don’t want to leave your girl in a room with one of these athletes because all bets are off.

Rick Flair

Twitter / @mountmckinney

With his 30 For 30 special coming out shortly, there were some mighty revelations about the Nature Boy and his, well, sleeping habits.

He claims to have slept with nearly 10,000 women over the course of his wrestling career which, if you do the math, is the equivalent to sleeping with a different girl every day for 27 years straight. Where did you find the time, Rick?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Twitter / @NonStopPeople

When you look like Ronaldo and make the insane amount of millions he makes, it’s not hard to assume that he is quite the player off the field as well. He’s dated many models and celebrities, one of which, Irina Shayk, is an absolute goddess.

As you can see from this picture, when he goes on vacation he makes sure to bring a full roster of women from which to choose from.


Joe Namath

Shooters shoot, right Joe? Namath may be out of his “prime” but that isn’t stopping him from trying to pick up on live TV.

In a cringe, yet almost admirable admission, Broadway Joe decided it was appropriate to express his desire for a little smoochie smooch while getting interviewed on live TV. Weird.

Tiger Woods

Twitter / @tipstrr

Tiger needs no introduction into the Hall of Game. He basically created the rules, broke them, and then just re-created them again.

After the infamous revelation that he slept with over 200 different women during his marriage to Elin Nordegren, he became known as womanizer #1 around the world.