The Four Most Embarrassing Blow Outs From All Four Major Sports


This list of sports carnage looks at the most lopsided scoring games in the MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA. As exciting as nail biters are, sometimes watching one team assault another on the scoreboard can be just as fun.

Here’s a list of some of the most dominant victories in each of the North American major sports.

MLB Blow outs: Texas Rangers vs Baltimore Orioles, 2007

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There should be a rule that if you give up 30 runs in one game, you should have to forfeit the rest of your season. After getting off to a solid 3-0 lead, the Baltimore Orioles promptly gave up 30 consecutive runs to eventually lose the game 30-3.

Five different Rangers players had at least three hits, the team hit a combined .509 and collected 29 hits. Three Oriole relievers gave up 25 runs in the span of just four innings. If you’re wondering why only three relievers were used, it’s because it was the first game of a double header.

Cleveland Indians vs New York Yankees, 2004

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If you’re not a Yankees fan, you remember where you were on this day because seeing the Bronx Bombers take a 22-0 beating is almost better than Christmas. The Yanks were atop the AL East, but this game seemed to take the wind right out of their sails as they would watch the Boston Red Sox eventually win the World Series that year.

Omar Vizquel had six hits in this game that literally no one could’ve seen coming.


Pittsburgh Pirates vs Chicago Cubs, 1975

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The Pirates straight up annihilated the Chicago Cubs 22-0. Pirates fans haven’t really had much to cheer for recently, since 1979 was the last time they were able to win a World Series, but fans can take solace that they were actually consistently good at one point.

Pirates player Rennie Stennett had then set a new record when he recorded seven hits in nine innings.

Boston Red Sox vs St. Louis Browns, 1950

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After demolishing the Browns 20-4 on July 7th, 1950, they followed that up the next night by cremating the same Browns team 29-4. That’s 49 runs in two games, which set many records for the time.

These two games probably ran the Browns out of St. Louis in shame, and into Baltimore where the team remains.