The Dark Truth Behind Professional Cheerleading


Cheerleaders have become a staple at most professional sporting events across the US, and for good reason. They add entertainment during “down times” and intermissions which make the fan experience much more exciting.

Many cheerleaders in the NFL have combined to perform and entertain millions of spectators and fans. Being a professional cheerleader is admired around the US and almost seems like a lucrative lifestyle to live, if you’re lucky enough. Unfortunately, many former professional cheerleaders have come out against the lifestyle saying that it’s controlling and all-around unsustainable.

Number One Fan

Twitter / @Dev_Chelios

Professional cheerleaders are usually insanely pretty, and basically, all NFL fans can attest to that. In fact, a Charger’s security guard was so dazed by the cheerleaders he couldn’t control his urges so he, uh, relieved himself right then and there. Yes, he literally was masturbating under his pants right beside the cheerleaders.

The Jiggle Test

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This is probably the most uncomfortable part of the relationship between cheerleaders and the NFL. Former NFL cheerleaders have said they had to line up and cheer coaches analyze each part of the cheerleader’s bodies. They had to do jumping jacks so that the coaches could see which part of their bodies jiggle.


Cheerleader Auction Off


Former cheerleaders have explained that they have been auctioned off at charity events to sit on a guys lap during a golf game. Severely bizarre if you ask me, and also majorly creepy.

Told How To Maintain Themselves

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The girls are monitored all the time. They’re taught how to brush their teeth, wash their faces and from some testimonials even how to use a tampon.

In some cases, they even get lessons on the “proper” way to eat pasta so that it doesn’t expand their stomachs.