The Biggest “Getting Robbed” Moments In Sports That We Never Saw Coming


Sports will always be about the passion, as well as the agony of defeat. But to be honest, the agony isn’t about the defeat, it’s about the thrill of winning that’s taken away from you at the last possible second.

Is there anything worse than thinking you’re about to have it all until your world essentially comes crumbling down around you? It’s painful, but let these biggest getting robbed moments in sports remind you that anything can happen. This varies from referees screwing up, bad calls, or plays that came up just a bit too short during the most crucial moments of the game.


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Armando Galarraga was one out away from a perfect game, and it seemed like nothing bad could happen… right? The honor looked like it was about to be his with an easy groundout to first, until first base umpire Jim Joyce ruled Jason Donald safe. Even though Donald was a foot away from the bag, Joyce tearfully apologized for the mistake. The damage was already done as the potential 21st perfect game never happened.

Three Resets Is Too Much

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Rolling in with seven gold medals in the Olympics, the U.S. Men’s basketball was denied an eighth. The States were up 50-49 with three seconds left on the clock, and the Soviets inbounded the ball until officials blew the action dead due to a dispute over timeouts. Time was put back on the clock two more times thanks to the officials resetting the clock, and the Soviets won in that bizarre moment. The U.S. refused to accept their silver medals — talk about a major screw over.


World Series MVP Snag

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This one hurts, but the collapse of the Red Sox in the 1986 World Series is one of the most devastating moments in sports. Bruce Hurst was the Red Sox player who was robbed of glory before the Mets pulled off the triumphant comeback. Everything was going Boston’s way when they had the lead and were one out from winning it all. Hurst was going to be named the MVP until Ray Knight walked away with the honor after the Mets won Game 7.

Robbed Of An Olympic Dream

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Michael Conlan blasted the Olympic Boxing Committee for being corrupt after his loss to Russian boxer Vladimir Nikitin. It was obvious the Irish boxer won the bout with a chance to move on to the medal round until officials gave the controversial victory to Nikitin. As it turns out, boxing’s ruling federation expelled a number of judges and referees after the controversial decision. Talk about doing anything to win a medal in the Olympics.