The Best (Sometimes Secret) Bromances In The NFL


On the field, NFL players are warriors. Their goal is to destroy their opponent in any physical or psychological form. What happens off the field?

NFL players are humans just like the rest of us, and humans need companionship. You’ll be surprised that many of the toughest players have warm and loving friendships with their NFL enemies.

Here is a list of the 10 best football BFF couples around.

Just Try To Separate This Couple

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When the Cowboys drafted Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, they were getting a package deal. According to teammates, Prescott and Elliot are inseparable friends.

When on the road, the two always room together in a hotel and in fact, practically do everything they can together. When asked about their friendship, Prescott describes Ezekiel as his “brother.”

Ohio Born And Raised

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Ohio runs through Ted Ginn Jr. and Donte Whitner’s blood. It was at Glenville High School in Cleveland where the two first met and immediately started a long-lasting friendship.

That relationship was further strengthened at Ohio State where the two dominated so much that they attracted the NFL’s attention.

Now the two are separated but finding success in their own respective fields.


A Good Friend Is Hard To Come By

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A good friend is hard to come by, but Marshawn Lynch and Michael Robinson lucked out with each other. The two never met before their time with the Seahawks but once they did, something special happened.

When Robinson was hospitalized for a medical condition, Lynch was the first one there. They have each other’s backs on and off the field.

A Destined Duo

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Despite growing up just a mile away from each other in Miami, Florida, T.Y. Hilton and Antonio Brown never met until an NFL preseason game in 2012. Since then, the two keep in touch and motivate each other to represent their South Florida community well.

According to Hilton, he studies tapes of Brown’s running game to give him constructive criticism.