The Best Fight Movies That Would Make Jackie Chan Proud


Jackie Chan has had a long and extraordinary career in movies. With no intention of slowing down, Chan has appeared in well over 200 movies, which is no surprise to anyone. He recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and he shockingly revealed he doesn’t want to fight in films, but he wants to start singing instead — it was weird to hear him say that, although that would be something I would watch.

If Jackie does cross over into music he will leave behind an iconic career of action movies. I decided to gather the best fighting movies I could find that would make Jackie Chan proud.

Drunken Boxing

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The Legend Of Drunken Master is one of the first Hong Kong martial art movies to have comedy as a part of its plot. It’s one of Jackie Chan’s earliest movies from way back in 1978. He trains with his sensei, learning the techniques of Drunken Boxing and beats the crap out of some Drunken Immortals.

International Success

Ang Lee didn’t expect Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to become such a major success. It’s martial arts scenes unfolded as if it came out of a comic book all due to the international cast of Chinese actors. The whole movie looks as if it’s one vivid dream you’re having. That’s why it’s one of the most influential foreign movies ever made.



This one was a tough one to choose much like another series from Quentin Tarantino. But since Scott Adkins is truly awesome in Undisputed III, the third one is basically him making a triumphant comeback from the aftermath of the second movie. The fighting scenes were pretty dramatic but that’s all part of an inspirational movie for the fight fans out there.

No Such Thing As Bad Student, Only Bad Teacher

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The movie that kick-started Ralph Macchio, Karate Kid is a movie we can all learn a lesson from. It was something for kids to watch and most of them were inspired to sign up for karate, but the important lesson from this movie was to never back down from bullies, especially if you go to the same karate school.