The All-NFL FBI Special Agent Squad


In the Federal Bureau Investigation, candidates who choose to pursue this field must be at least 23-years old but younger than 37. It’s the perfect calling for former Bears cornerback Chris Tillman, who might catch a fugitive running from the law the next time he executes the “Peanut Punch”.

It’s fitting if Tillman does go through with it since he owns a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice. Seeing Tillman could go where no NFL player has gone before, I decided it would be fun to make up an FBI squad with players from around the league. They are picked based on their abilities along with the rank structure. These are their stories.

Overlooking The Squad

Instagram / @thejerryrice80

Needless to say, everyone on this team will be reporting to the great Jerry Rice. The Hall of Famer turned Senior Special Agent will be overlooking agents along with the great Charles Tillman. It’s obvious why Rice was selected for this special team — his ability to outrun criminals will be such a benefit for the squad. He might be old, but he knows a thing or two about being one of the greatest.

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry

Instagram / @ochocinco

You better not pout I’m telling you why. Ray Lewis is joining this FBI team. He sees you when you’re committing illegal crimes, he knows when you’ve been bad. Basically, you better be good for goodness sake — there’s a good chance Lewis will crush you like a bug. You’ve been warned, America.


I’ll Give You To The Count Of Three

Instagram / @fvseahawkers

Yes, Sherman belongs on this list. His contract was among the highest of cornerbacks in the NFL, so why not take his talents into the criminal field? The way he plays and the way he talks, any criminal would have to think twice before they run into Sherman. He’ll take them down long before any of them have the chance to start running.

The FBI Needs Some Mean Joe

Twitter / @KitTalksSports

He had an iconic career in the NFL, so why not translate that over to the FBI? Basically, Mean Joe Greene is the one in charge, overseeing Mr. Rice’s squad. That’s two greats on both sides of the field calling the shots. By the way, defense wins champions, which could transition very well for this FBI squad.