Tennis Players Who Let Their Sharapova’s Slip


Believe it or not, tennis is actually pretty interesting. Now, I’m no good at racket sports (I’m way too gangly) but I can appreciate what it must take to stand around for hours on end then going at peak performance for 15 seconds at a time.

So I’ve been pretty shocked by how often I’ve found myself watching tennis. Maybe it’s because of the age of tennis players we have right now. Maybe it’s because of intense, guttural moaning that just bounces off the court. Either way, sign me up.

Eugenie Bouchard

Twitter / @DobleFaltaOk

So, Eugenie had a big moment in the spotlight early in her career, but has pretty much floundered since. It’s pretty disappointing, but it didn’t stop her from rocking the Nike one-piece and giving teenagers everywhere a reason to pray for just one big gust of wind.

The Nike Dress Controversy

So apparently, Nike was super high on this one-piece, and asked some of its sponsors to wear it during Wimbledon. Well, it turns out that a one-piece flowy dress doesn’t exactly stay in place when you’re trying to smash a tennis ball at 200mph. But hey, I’m all for it.


Look Good, Play Good

I don’t know who she is, but I’m rooting for her. The totally fashionable and realistic pockets are a must have when you’re slaying on the court.

Jelena Dokic

Whoever is in charge of the camera needs a raise. It must take some incredible anticipation to know exactly what Dokic was about to do.