Sports Logos Then And Now Will Show Us How Much Has Changed


A good sports logo is symbolic and iconic. The “NY” logo of the Yankees fits the previous sentence since it’s the most famous logo in sports. They will likely never change that iconic logo but doesn’t that kind of make you think about other sports logos that have evolved over the years? Now is your chance to have that nostalgic feeling with some of the most memorable sports logos before they underwent such drastic changes.

One Mean Looking Dolphin

Twitter / @MagnetoRex4Life

Ahh, so many feels seeing this logo despite not being born before 1992. It reminds any hardcore Dolphin of the good old days with Dan Marino and Don Shula. This has to be one of the best throwback logos — it’s much better than the design concept they came up with to replace the mean looking dolphin.

This Looks Nothing Like A Dolphin?

Twitter / @RidgeKayser

My mom is a Dolphins fan and she compares this to a fish stick. Seriously, this looks like a skinny fish and isn’t nearly as majestic as a dolphin. I mean, at least the old school logo actually makes the dolphin look badass. Can we just scrap this logo and bring back the old one? Personally, the Smoking Jay Cutler logo is much better than this.


Baseball In The Sunshine State

Twitter / @ColorWerx

Tampa Bay was known as the Devil Rays for two seasons. After that, they decided to drop ?Devil Rays? in the logo. Overall, the color scheme looks very tropical, considering Tampa Bay is near so many beaches, but then again, it didn?t necessarily help them win too many games since their expansion debut.

Time To Shine

Twitter / @johnlag

With a new logo and color scheme, Tampa Ray was ready for a fresh start after so many dismal seasons. This logo really hits home with the new design that features a bright yellow sunburst that represents the Sunshine State of Florida. The new change really helped them turn things around and reach new heights in 2008.