Sports Fans Who Were Caught Doing Extremely Embarrassing Things On TV


In a crowd of thousands of people, most fans will get away with being complete degenerates or partaking in shameable childhood habits when they’re at the stadium. Unfortunately for some fans, the cameras catch them at the wrong time and hilarity ensues.

Let’s be honest — sports fans do inherently weird things to begin with. It’s completely acceptable to idolize athletes, if your team loses it ruins your night, and oh yeah, you have no problem crying if the game doesn’t go your way. It’s no surprise that there are moments when fans get caught doing embarrassing things while at the game. Here are those moments.

Popcorn Man

This is the definition of not giving a sh*t. Popcorn is messy. Popcorn is addicting. Therefore, it’s hard to guess exactly how many kernels you can fit into your mouth at a time. By the looks of it, this guy tried to take down an entire large popcorn in one foul swoop and it certainly did lots for his aesthetic.

Dance Like No One Is Watching

This Baylor fan is shaking what his, uh, momma gave him? This is the human equivalent to what Jell-O looks like when you shake it back and forth. Science is telling us this guy doesn’t have any bone density and he’s just rubber. That’s a fact.


Belly Dancer

Oh heck yeah. This guy’s barrel is having a party of its own and none of us are invited. As much as it’s open season for that gut, we also must not overlook the dude beside him who is literally thrusting his little heart out (to the beat I may add) with a contagious grin on his face.

Sexual Tingz

Nothing like explaining your Friday night activities to your friends via hand motions only to find out it was all caught on camera. I think it’s fairly obvious she had the time of her life on the weekend.