Some Of The Wildest Pranks In Sports History


Everyone loves a good rivalry. Two teams who just hate each other, battling it not just for bragging rights, but for the chance to completely humiliate their opposition.

It goes beyond the court or field. History is littered with teams pulling epic pranks on their opponent to gain that key psychological advantage and bring the opposing fanbase to their knees.

Sure, you can plant a tree in the oppositions baseball field… but it gets worse. Much worse.

Steal The Goat

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It’s a tradition as old as time. When you have the best athletes Army and Navy have at their disposal, the pride on the line is amplified to 1776. In 1953, Army first stole our good friend Bill, and since then he’s been picked up a few more times. Navy finally got even in 1991 when they stole Army’s mule for the first time ever.

Grease The Wheels

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Or tracks, in this case. Apparently, way back in 1896, Georgia Tech was set to arrive in Auburn by train. Those rascals at Auburn greased up the train tracks, and the train slide for an extra five miles passed the local station, forcing the team to walk back into town. They went on to lose 45-0.


Don’t Mess With Nerds

I’m sure at one point in life, I was a relatively smart guy. Those days are over. So trying to wrap my head around how the students at MIT were able to plant a balloon under the field, and then release it for everyone to see. THIS WAS IN 1983! In 2017, I’m sure this is basically just like a four-year-olds Knex starter kit (are those still a thing?) but this is damn impressive.

Tommy Trojan Gets Dumped

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First off, Tommy Trojan is a terrible name. I’m sure he was named in a simpler time when going by Tommy was a hip, new way to fight the system, but now it’s just so blah. Anyway, rival UCLA doesn’t take too kindly to Tommy boy, and mess with him constantly. The best was when a couple UCLA fans used a helicopter to fly over the statue and dump manure on him. Simply classic. They literally shit all over him.