Reddit Users Took The Mayweather-McGregor Fight Into Hilariously New Territory


Thank you, Reddit. It’s something I find myself saying more and more as I venture further and further into the “reddithole” which, trust me, is way deeper than the rabbit hole.

The subreddit “Photoshop Battles” has turned out some comedic and creative gold, and when they took off with a lovely photo of Mayweather and McGregor caressing in the ring it was no different. The link to the subreddit is here, but I combined all the best ones for your convenience anyways. You’re welcome.

Straddle Sesh

Reddit / RexLeou

You’ve done this to your dad, admit it. It’s a sneak attack that starts with your legs around the hips and as your grip strength decreases, you end up sliding down until your bottom is touching pavement.

Either that or Conor saw a spider and immediately started climbing Floyd like the miniature tree he is (stay tuned for why this makes sense).

The Leather Pushers


You’d read it, don’t lie. This romance novel is an absolute page-turner.

The title leaves you guessing as well — is it a romantic boxing love affair, or is it a raunchy S&M fetish novel that will give 50 Shades a run for its money.


Congo Line Breakdown

Reddit / @SomeFarmAnimals

Everyone has been Floyd, whether it’s on a cruise ship, or at a birthday party, or even worse, a wedding.

You never want to be the front of the congo line because you set the pace, the steps, and the entire line depends on you for a scenic route. Floyd had enough.

Tough Guys

Reddit / @Fjkn93

There isn’t much that scares McGregor more than spiders that have a width of 3 cm or less… at least that’s my guess.

Here you can see that he’s grappling onto Floyd like a toddler holds onto its parents in a haunted house.