Reddit: The Home Of Juicy AMA Reveals From Athletes


One of the most fascinating things Reddit has on their website is their AMA (Ask Me Anything) series. It gives anybody the opportunity to fire any question at a celebrity or an athlete. Basically, it’s one big conversation, without the supervision.

Not surprisingly, people ask the most insane questions, and the sessions provide some juicy information about the participant involved. In fact, some well-known names in sports have gotten on the AMA bandwagon, giving fans plenty of information that they wouldn’t expect to see. I hope you’re big Anchorman fan, because it’s one of the many things you’ll see in the juiciest AMA reveals from athletes!

“Who Was The Biggest D-Bag? Who Was Really Cool”

Twitter / @CelticsFanClub

Former Ball Boy Of The OKC Thunder — “Tim Duncan is super cool. Just a really respectful guy…The entire Celtics’ team were real jerks. Not nearly as bad as the Knicks…Biggest d-bag was Kevin Garnett. The guy literally had his own person to walk up and talk to him. I was informed, to not ever talk directly to him.” In fairness, the former OKC ball boy had much more positive things to say about players/teams than bad overall.

If That One Athlete Didn’t Play Their Sport

Twitter / @PalaceOfPistons

Andre Drummond — “I would be an actor, because I have the personality and skills to do it. I’m actually looking into finding an acting coach.”  He’s still waiting for that acting coach to give him his big break.


“Do You Or Anyone Else Play Fantasy Football?”

Twitter / @AllAboutDemBoys

Alfred Morris — “I don’t know about my teammates, but I don’t. I don’t even know the rules or the scoring system of fantasy football. Haha.” Seriously, people need to stop asking such a repetitive question when it comes to fantasy sports. They’re too busy playing their own sport. Next time, keep it simple.

Locker Room Mystery

Twitter / @saints_fanly

Coby Fleener — “Just a bunch of guys getting naked. Outside of that, I’d say it’s like hanging out with your friends…next to guys getting naked.” Really now, do we even want to know what goes on in the locker room?