Really Bizarre Ways Professional Athletes Tried To Cheat But Failed Miserably


Cheating in sports is nothing new — in fact, the two are almost synonymous with each other. It’s the easy way out to the ultimate glory that every athlete craves and is addicted to achieving.

Many cheating tactics are easily identifiable while others are harder to detect because they are more thought out and elaborate. These are not the latter, which makes them unbelievably entertaining to learn about, so here you go.

Using the elements

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It was a foggy day at a racetrack in Louisiana and visibility was low, so spectators didn’t stick around. Jockey Sylvester Carmouche really wanted to win and the weather conditions gave him the idea to park his horse, Landing Officer, in the deep fog and then run out in front of the pack.

He would win the race, but it wouldn’t take long for the veterinarian to determine that Landing Officer wasn’t sweating and none of the competitors even remember seeing the pair during the race. Carmouche would end up being banned for ten years by the Lousiana Racing Commission.

Faking a handicap

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In 2000, Spain won the gold medal for men’s basketball at the Paralympic Games. What should’ve been a story filled with inspiration and positivity quickly turned to the opposite when it came out that 10 players on the winning team actually had no handicaps at all.

All of the players had claimed that they had mental handicaps but when it became clear that this wasn’t the case they had to give back their gold medals.


Rosie Ruiz

Rosie Ruiz won the Boston Marathon handily in 1980, or so it seemed. She won in record time yet at the end of the race she was barely sweating despite having just run over 26 miles. This sparked some serious red flags and suspicions regarding her legitimacy.

Basically, she used subway systems to cut out much of the race and people even say they saw her on the sidelines just hanging out. She was stripped of her title but faced no criminal charges. She would later be arrested for selling four pounds of cocaine to undercover police officers, so there’s that too.

Tom Williams Fake Blood

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During the 2009 rugby’s Heineken Cup Match it seemed that the Harlequins had no chance to beat Leinster in the quarterfinal. The Harlequins needed to get their best kicker, Nick Evans, on the field, but the only way to do that was for someone to get injured.

Tom Williams would be that sacrifice. He was given a fake blood capsule which he had to bite on while on the field so that he could be taken out of the game. He did it, but many were suspicious since he had no contact with anyone. He would serve a four-month ban for the act.