Ranking The 16 Most Out-Of-This World Moments In The UFC


There have been over 200 UFC events, so it’s pretty easy to lose track of them all — all I know is that I have to be at the bar in time for the final fight of the night. God bless the courageous men and women who show no nerve when they step in the cage for a couple rounds of a blood bash.

To honor those who duke it out in the octagon, here are the 16 most out-of-this-world moments in UFC history. From family celebrations to legends retiring, primal screams and so much more.

16. Family Celebration

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UFC 199 was originally supposed to be Luke Rockford against Chris Wideman, but Wideman pulled out just two weeks before the fight due to injury. Michael Bisping would fill the void and as soon as the cage door closed, he went bananas. Bisping found his range, using his left hook as the final blow to Rockford. Bisping celebrated with his wife and kids in one of the biggest upsets in MMA history.

15. Dan Henderson Retirement

Dan Henderson faced off against Hector Lombard in what was his farewell win-or-lose match… at least we thought it was. Both fighters exchanged in a back-and-forth punch fest, but Hendo used a rare reverse-elbow on Lombard, successfully knocking him out. What makes this moment so special is that it was somewhat of his final shot at the middleweight title, at least until he got another shot at the belt against Michael Bisping at UFC 204.


14. Biggest Upset?

The fighting world had few moments to catch their breath when Matt Serra stunned GSP with an overhand right and thumped the champ in the first round. The short-lived existence of Serra’s reign over the welterweight division lasted for a little over a year before GSP got his revenge when he won with a TKO over Serra at UFC 83.

13. Wideman Knockout On Silva

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Nothing is sadder than what happened at UFC 162. Chris Wideman lived up to his promise when he knocked out Anderson Silva in the second round. It was a knockout no one really saw coming, but nevertheless, that singled moment changed Wideman’s career moving forward and sparked the beginning of the end for Silva.