Putting The Pee In Sports


Any athlete knows the importance of hydration.

Back when I was a kid, those coaches who said “you don’t need water” were still patrolling the sidelines, and really, I bought in. I didn’t think I needed water to compete.

Now, it’s a whole different story. Hydration is key, and teams go to great lengths to ensure that everyone is performing at the peak of their abilities.

So how important is pee in sports, and what do athletes do when they gotta go? Scroll down to see for yourself.

Tom Herman

Twitter / @AnwarRichardson

When you’re taking over one of the biggest college football programs around, you tend to take things very seriously. Tom Herman did just that when he held his team accountable for their hydration in the most simple way possible. Hanging hydration charts above every toilet will definitely help drive home the message of what it takes to be a champion.

Reddit Users Are All About That H2O

Twitter / @fat_teamstats

So a bunch of Reddit users went off about all the benefits of drinking water, but the thing I found the most interesting is how so many professed how their bowel movements improved. I never thought about it, but it actually makes total sense.


It’s like Riding A Bike

Once you learn this little trick, there’s really no stopping you from achieving peak Tour De France form. Again, these athletes need all the fluids they can get, but it has to go somewhere. When you’re trecking up a hill or on mile 27 of a race, when nature calls, you answer.

Rich Hill

Twitter / @AsianTheatre

You know how when you get stung by a jellyfish, you’re supposed to pee on it? Well, according to Rich Hill, that works for blisters too. Hill apparently peed on his blister to help strengthen his skin. That poor catcher.