Professional Athletes Who Also Scored With The Hottest Cheerleaders


Athletes and cheerleaders go together like eyeshadow and Avril Lavigne circa 2002. They’re constantly exposed to each other whilst both being held up on a pedestal that seems only reachable by those who are on the sidelines.

Professional cheerleaders, like their professional athlete counterparts, are in peak physical shape and worshipped by fans every single game. Cheerleaders are not supposed to get involved with any athlete that’s on their team, but there are no restrictions for them to outsource their talent search. Here are a few athlete-cheerleader stories that will have your heart, um, melting in envy.

Troy Aikman

Twitter / @SparkleKitty

After Six Pro Bowl appearances and being inducted into the College Football and Pro Football Hall of Fames, as well as three Super Bowl rings — it’s safe to say Troy Aikman has had some serious success on the field. But, it also seems that he scored off of it too after dating former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Abigail Klein who is definitely not hard on the eyes.

Matthew Stafford

Twitter / @BuschBabes

Matt Stafford just signed the biggest contract in the history of the NFL this past offseason which makes him quite a lucrative significant other. Unfortunately for all the ladies out there, he married Kelly Hall in 2015. Hall was a cheerleader for the Georgia Bulldogs (which is where Stafford played ball) which is where they met. It’s been happily ever after since.


Zack Greinke

Twitter / @TrumpInDallas

The former Cy Young award winner, Zack Greinke married his longtime girlfriend who also happened to be a cheerleader. Emily Kuchar was a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and also former Miss Daytona Beach 2008.

Chris Cooley

Twitter / @ESN991SF

Chris Cooley could go down as one of the best Tight Ends that ever dawned a Washington Redskins jersey. In 2008 he married his girlfriend, Christy Oglevee, who was fired from her job for being involved with Cooley. You guessed it, she was a cheerleader for the Redskins when they met. Despite this, they still maintained a relationship which is honorable, to say the least. Click here to see them in action.