Presidents Who Were More Than Just Your Average Weekend Warrior Athlete


The President’s Cup golf tournament just wrapped up at Liberty National in Jersey City. The weekend saw the past four Commanders-in-Chief attend, which got me thinking about their athletic abilities.

While many of the 45 Presidents could be considered weekend warriors at best, there are a few that took sports very seriously and put their above-average athletic ability to work during high school and college.

Phil Mickelson Selfie

Move over Ellen’s Oscar selfie, this one will also go down as one of the most iconic selfies of all time.

The glaring forehead of legendary golfer Phil Mickelson and three former Presidents of the United States at this year’s Presidents Cup didn’t take long to go viral.

President Trump Showed Up Too…

Twitter / @golf_com

One person that was missing in that selfie, the current President, went to the final day of the President’s Cup to congratulate Team USA on their win.

Trump, of course, is a huge golfer and has owned many prestigious golf courses around the world.


Donald Trump

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President Trump was actually quite the baseball player in high school too. In fact, in an interview with Rolling Stone, it was confirmed that the Philadelphia Phillies and the Boston Red Sox had sent scouts to watch him play.

He differed any interest in the teams, saying that he wanted to go to college and “make real money”.

George W Bush High School

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In high school, President George W Bush was known for his charisma, athletic ability on the baseball field, and for being the head cheerleader.

He would take both baseball and cheerleading to the next level at Yale University.