Olympic Divers Photoshopped On Toilets Should Be An Olympic Event


Out of all the talent that Olympians have, divers should be recognized for their courageous talent. The combination of gravity, strength, and quick-paced photography makes up for hilarious facial expressions only astronauts training for NASA could pull it off. It looks as if they absolutely need to go number two on the toilet.

Thanks to the art of photography, here are photos of Olympic divers who were photoshopped on toilets. Extra points if they can hold it in the longest!

I Swore I Would Never Again Be Called Number Two

Twitter / @patriciawadam

The judges will deduct points if there is a splash. Just look at that excellent execution of the legs right there — it’s absolutely perfect. It’s only the first photo, but you know what? He’s an early contender for the gold medal of the best-photoshopped diver on the toilet!

One Perfect Plop

Twitter / @HumbleSportsGuy

As it turns out, the lid was down on this dive into the toilet. Needless to say, this is going to be one messy plop in the toilet.


Will He Make It?

Twitter / @AnyaBananyaa

Come on man, just hold it on for a few more seconds! I mean, if he can hold it together, his underwear won’t actually fall off. Now I don’t know ab0ut you, but that would be a nightmare my mind wouldn’t be able to erase if that ever occurred at an actual Olympic event.

Can You Spare A Square?

Twitter / @RadioJamboKenya

Good form, good execution, oh wait, there’s a bit of a splash on the toilet! She will likely need a square to spare after that performance. If Elaine Benes comes asking for a spare square, you know nothing about it, got it?