OBJ Might Be Out For The Season, But All These People Are Reaching Out To Him


The season-ending ankle surgery to Odell Beckham Jr. was a crushing blow to the Giants offensive threat. But Beckham was with his teammates in spirit, considering the Giants won their first game of the 2017 season against the Broncos. Despite the three-time Pro Bowler missing a season with high expectations, teammates and well-known celebrities have gone out of their way to reach out to him.

A Prayer From Jarvis

Jarvis Landry, who played alongside OBJ during their time at LSU, Tweeted this the day after his good pal’s injury. If anything, it’s thoughtful of him to send healing power from God to his old college teammate. Let’s hope the healing power helps OBJ have a bounce-back year in 2018.

A Visit From The 6 God

Had to come visit bro…bounce back like 13 @obj ?? (my 13 is backwards but it?s still bless)

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Nothing better than having Drake come visit you at the hospital, especially after a season-ending operation. It’s no surprise that OBJ has been a fan of the 6 God for as long as he’s been in the music industry. Believe it or not, OBJ used to watch Degrassi, and he spent time living in Drake’s mansion in the Calabasas area.


Landon Supports His Teammate

Punter Brad Wing brought the helmet for the road trip, and teammate Landon Collins discovered his teammate’s helmet sitting on the Giants sideline. Apparently, Collins tried to wear the helmet, but he found out that OBJ’s head is a little bit too small.

Optimism From The Surgeon

Thank u all for your prayers. You better believe I'll be back better than ever. God Speed

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Dr. Joshua Dines, who performed OBJ’s surgery, hasn’t worked with the star receiver before, but he did shine a light of optimism over the receiver. Based on the surgery, he believes that OBJ could make a fully healthy return to the field by 2018.