NFL Players Who Let Their Play Do The Trash Talking


NFL players either love to trash talk or they’re soft-spoken and let their play do the talking. It’s not easy to bite your tongue when the critics are saying things about you. For instance, Odell Beckham Jr’s season in 2016 got off on the wrong foot. Terrell Owens took it upon himself to give Beckham Jr meaningful advice on Adam Schefter’s podcast. “The only way to get them off your back is to go out there and play. Let your play do the talking for you.”

With that mind, let’s dive in and look at some notable NFL players who let their play do the talking.

Be Yourself

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From the chicken farm to the field, Von Miller is more about accomplishing a goal each season. With a Super Bowl ring already in hand, Miller has his sights on reaching 30 sacks in 2017. Despite being considered a nerd for wearing glasses, Miller is a simple reminder to just be yourself — there is only one you.

Actions On The Field

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With his monster hard knocks, J.J. Watt doesn’t need to say much to back up his playing. When has he ever played badly? I mean, he’s sacked more than 20 times twice in his career, and he’s going to get over 300 tackles in 2017. He plays with passion on the field — just don’t say something about his ability. It won’t be a happy ending.


Calling Out The Team

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It’s safe to say that T.J. Ward is not a fan of pre-game trash talking. Before Super Bowl 50, the Panthers picked it up on the trash talking before Ward made a comment that is so accurate. “We don’t have to say anything. We let them do the talking. We let our pads talk. We talk with our helmets and our shoulder pads,”. It’s a good rant that covers everything, especially when you go on to win the Super Bowl.

Nicest Guy On The Field

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Andrew Luck is the opposite of a trash talker. He gives out compliments to his opponents rather than stir up the pot. It’s very rare to see it, but it actually helps Luck’s playing ability gratefully since he does everything he can to win — without hurling many swears that. He’s low-key but when he’s around his teammates, Luck is an animal.