MMA Fighter Proves Wrestling’s Actually Real With Insane Walls Of Jericho Tap Out


Listen. Wrestling’s real.

Sure, it’s scripted, the punches don’t always land, and they probably don’t need to be paraded around in their underwear — but trust me, it’s real, and it’s spectacular.

It’s Still Real

So first, let’s give our wrestling fans a round of applause, because you guys always believed. And now, we have the proof that wrestling is 100% real.

Don’t Be A Stupid Idiot

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Chris Jericho is one of the best wrestler’s of all time. Dude beat The Rock AND Stone Cold…. IN THE SAME NIGHT! Now we know that his improbable win wasn’t thanks to smart booking. He went out and won that night.


Break The Walls Down

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His finisher, The Walls Of Jericho, is obviously incredibly painful and would no-doubt force any and every grown man to tap out on the spot. It’s THAT painful.

So, How Can You Apply This In Real Life?

Good question. What are the odds you are duking it out with some guy, and get him down on his stomach, and are then able to go after his legs to put all that pressure on his back? Well…